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A Love Story of God and Country

Proceeds of this book are dedicated to the glory of God and are committed to Concordia Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the Julia Anne Memorial Endowed Scholarship at Concordia Educational Foundation, Fort Wayne, Indiana to provide students with opportunities to receive leadership instruction through the JROTC, fostering a strong belief in Christian-based values and the American way of life.

This book was written because Julia Anne asked me to start to share my life experiences, and because of newly experienced and unexplainable urges to do so. This book was written for the same reason as I joined the Army, and the reason I selected to be a teacher and become a JROTC Instructor. I want to share my experiences and Julia Anne’s with others. Now it is my time to share the knowledge and experience which shaped Julia Anne’s and my life. It is time to share that which others selflessly shared with us.

Our Walk With God
Our Walk With God

This love story is a travelogue through the 20th Century written for youth and seniors, and everyone in-between. Julia Anne gives a candid account of her environment as she grew up in Texas. Tibor’s vivid description of life behind the Iron Curtain and immigration to the United States wonderfully contrast these two lives.

God’s blessings are recounted in these captivating and revealing life stories of the most diverse setting. The reader must wait with great anticipation to see how Julia Anne and Tibor become one, with the blessings of God, and, driven by love, patriotism, and loyalty to the United Sates of America. Their story magnificently blends excitement, imagination, and sense of humor into a productive relationship.



ISBN: 1-57921-863-6
Cover: Soft, full-color, high gloss lamination with embossing
Pages: 224
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Chapter One

(Remembering – Julia, Anne)

“I hated Algebra. If X was something you didn’t know, then I didn’t want it. I never would have passed the course if it hadn’t been for Gene Smith. He took care of such things for me, and I didn’t even wonder why. In my senior year at Highland Park High School I ran into the gym wall and cracked my two front teeth. Daddy came to pick me up, and all he could say was, “Why didn’t you do that before we put the braces on?” We had been going to Dallas from Corsicana every Saturday for braces on Elise, Duvall, and me. This was about the time bakeries started slicing the bread we bought. That was a big deal!”

Chapter Two

(Journey – Tibor)

“This soldier’s story started before I was a soldier–and before I was a man. On October 23, 1956, I was a 17-year-old tool and die maker on the way to a factory so the Communist government in Hungarian could suck more of my energy out of my youthful body for their dictatorial purposes. But this day was different from all previous days. The people rebelled. They took control of their destiny and chose democracy. My imagination captured the possibilities, and I joined the ranks of the revolution. Before the sun set on that day, the tool of my trade was replaced by a PPSH-41 machine pistol, and I became a soldier of freedom.””We stopped by that Grand Old Lady who still stands tall, with her stretched out arms welcoming anybody who yearns for freedom. I felt like telling her, “You see, I am back. I made it. Are you proud of me?”


(Free Ballot-Free Country – Tibor)

“To American patriots, I say this: Take that long look. Stand up for liberty no matter what the cost! Use your free ballot for a free, responsible America! It can save your country–and maybe your life.”

Chapter Eight

(Final Good-Bye – Tibor)

“By the love of God and the friends around me, Karan, Steve, and I were left to mourn the love of my life without disruption, for which I am profoundly thankful. Paul Miller traveled with me to Arlington on the same plane that Julia Anne took her last flight. Her casket of cherry wood was glistening in the full rays of the sun as the cherry trees were about to burst into their spring colors. It was a glorious day. What a homecoming!”

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

(Galatians 5:1, ESV)


“I just finished your book. I loved it so much. You were such a strong influence on Dave and my life. I always respected your opinion and your knowledge. It was so touching to read about how you were raised and everything that you had been through to become the man that became my favorite teacher. All of us kids in JROTC loved you like a father.”

Julie , Fort Wayne, IN

“We started thumbing through it as soon as we got it. I wasn’t expecting an actual publication (Wine Press)! This is a real-quality-book you put together. I’ll be leaving it out on my coffee table for years to come as a snapshot of a portion of my heritage. This really means a lot to me.”

Chris and Wanda, Hayward, CA

“Thank you for sending a copy of Our Walk with God to me and my stepfather. I gave it to him and watched him tear up. I mentioned your miraculous survival rate and he divulged he lost three men under him. It’s a blessing that he opens up now.”

Nicole, Mount Pleasant, SC
“Major, I just finished reading Our Walk with God, and yes, before my week of school vacation! Your story is remarkable…. Your walk has truly been God-filled. The number of lives you’ve touched, and changed, must be countless. Mine is one of them. I was trying to explain to a friend why meeting up with you again was so important to me and the only explanation I could offer was that you saved my life that first year you were at Concordia…. I found structure and honesty and truth. In your own way you showed me that all of life did not have to match the chaos of my home life.”
Chris, Silver Lake, IN
“I received your book yesterday at about noon and opened it to just take a peek. Well, it’s noon the next day and I have finished it… When I started reading it was almost as if I was having a visit with you and Julia….I always say the best part about life is the people you know, and you two were and are very special in the life I’ve lead.”
Charlie, Watertown, NY
“I am sad to confess that I am a very slow reader but this one I didn’t put down until I finished it. What a joy to read the words of a man so committed to his God and how the Lord’s plan for his life led him to literally flee for his life from the Communists and end up totally alone in America and then everything that unfolded from then on. A great story!”
Don Luepke, former faculty, Concordia Lutheran High School, Fort Wayne, IN
“A spiritual love story about a warrior for the U.S. and for God! “Our Walk with God” is a memoir about how God influenced the lives of Tibor and his wife, Julia Anne. Julia takes us through an early nostalgic look at pre WWII and how simple life was back then. Tibor, in the meantime, is fighting communist in Hungary in the 50s as a young teenager, eventually escaping to the land he loves and eventually defends by serving as an officer in our Special Forces. Tibor shares his military accomplishments with us and his tours in Vietnam. Tibor reminds us that freedom is our heritage and also our utmost responsibility to maintain. After living under communism he reminds us again that freedom “is a stimulus”. But more than anything this is a book about the love between Tibor and his wife, Julia. There love for each other, commitment to God and country shines through. Tibor especially pays tribute to how God influenced him throughout his life and gives thanks. It’s an enjoyable memoir.”
Jim Stewart, MWSA, Your Content Goes Here
“A love story of God and Country Julia Anne and Tibor Bierbaum share their experiences as they trace God’s impact upon their life, as they give thanks for His love, guidance, and protection. Awe inspiring and wonderful! The only way to describe how Tibor and Julia Anne’s lives have been infused is with the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a deep love story taking us from the revolutionary times in communist Hungary to the battlefields of Vietnam. Many soldiers have written about their exploits and the Vietnam War… Tibor places his finger on the pulse of intrigue and takes us on an emotional look back into our very souls! It is difficult for one to believe that this is a true story, chronicling real Patriots with humor, sensitivity, and excitement!”
Joe Palagyi, National Adjutant, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Winepress
Great Life Experiences!

“Reading someone’s memoir who is not famous sometimes can be less than fun to do. I can honestly say that after reading “Our Walk with God – A Love Story Of God And Country” by Tibor and Julia Anne Bierbaum that I was pleasantly rewarded with some great entertainment and even some social history. The authors each write their own stories and blend them together in this one book. It is a shared story that is at times inspiring.

In particular, I enjoyed the opening chapter that Julia writes about her childhood. It is evident that she has a sharp wit and has a great sense of humor. She shares a way of life that is long gone in this country. She also shows a childhood that was far from average as she talks about her own mother meeting Shirley Temple among other little antidotes that run throughout the whole book.

Tibor talks about his humble beginnings living under communism in Hungary and how he became a US citizen and served in the military including time in Vietnam. There are war stories as well in the book. He was in Special Forces for 21 years of his enlistment and retired from the US Army to become a high school teacher.

These two have much to say and for the most part they do a wonderful job of sharing what is important from their lives. This book is a light read that is enjoyable – a perfect book to sit on a cold winter day by the fire and read or on a sea cruise laying on a deck chair. It is just a good whole adventure of two souls. You will come away having good feelings about both of them. There lives reflect what is good about our country then and now. The book is family friendly with a very subtle Christian theme to the telling of their life stories. I personally enjoyed reading it and I think most other people will as well.”

W. H. McDonald, Jr. - AAA Founder, Winepress Publishing

“Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” This Bible verse is a theme that runs throughout Major Bierbaum’s newly written book entitled, Our Walk with God. In it, he chronicles his journey from communist Hungary through his military service for America to his calling to Concordia Lutheran High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Many could call his life one filled with obstacles, but in this memoir, Major Bierbaum shows how he looked at each obstacle as a challenge, ones that were overcome by faith, courage and humor. He lives these qualities in a way that is uniquely his throughout each of the stories that he chares. Major Bierbaum also stresses the importance of having a teammate through life, and this is what he found in his beloved wife, Julia. In a symbolic way throughout his memoir, he interweaves stories written by Julia that shows her unique perspectives of life. This is a book for youths to seniors. It reminds the reader that anything is possible when out Lord is kept at the center, and courage, faith and love are kept as cornerstones. Just as Major Bierbaum shows God’s footprints walking beside him throughout his life, we too may feel the peace and power of His presence in our lives. Our Walk with God is a story of inspiration, courage, faith and most of all love. The reader will laugh, cry, and feel joy and feel hope. Major Bierbaum shares with us peace with the past, strength for the present, and hope for the future…all with humor, faith and never ending love.”

Michelle Converset, Concordia Lutheran High School, WinePress

Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.

(Romans 13:10, ESV)

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Whoever trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous will flourish like a green leaf.

(Proverbs 11:28, ESV)


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OUr Walk With God

Our Walk With God

A Love Story of God and Country

ISBN: 1-57921-863-6
Cover: Soft, full-color, high gloss lamination with embossing
Pages: 224
Price: $19.95 $12.50

( Price includes Shipping & Handling charges )

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